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  • Somalia NGO Consortium Annual Report 2013

    Somalia NGO Consortium Annual Report 2013

    Annual Report 2013

  • Somalia NGO Consortium: Revised Mandate 2014

    Somalia NGO Consortium: Revised Mandate 2014

    Please View the revised Mandate (2014) for Sign On by members

  • Guidelines for RMA Practices

    Guidelines for RMA Practices

    Endorsement ongoing

  • 2012 Annual Report

    2012 Annual Report

    View the 2012 Somalia NGO Consortium Annual Report

  • Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat

    Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat

  • Skills Development Calendar

    Skills Development Calendar

    Click on this slide to view skills development opportunities from various sources listed on the calendar. Please note that these are for information purposes only.


  • NGOs Sign a New Briefing Note on UK Remittances.

    NGOs Sign a New Briefing Note on UK Remittances.

    13 NGOs working in Somalia sign a New Briefing note on strengthening and maintaining remittance tranfers to Somalia, August 2013.


  • A New Deal for Somalia

    A New Deal for Somalia

    For more information on theBrussels conference, follow this link


The Somalia NGO Consortium promotes information sharing, cooperation and joint advocacy initiatives amongst local and international NGOs working in Somalia and Somaliland through the following activities:

Provides a forum for and actively supports members to promote dialogue, collaboration, learning experiences and information exchange

Regularly shares information collectively and advise NGOs bilaterally

Represents Consortium members to governments, UN agencies, donor groups, and multilateral organisations at local, national, and international level.

Facilitates and supports advocacy initiatives, including raising public awareness of programming in Somalia, on behalf of the membership

Ensures synergy of Consortium objectives and activities with the NGO Safety Programme (NSP), providing specialised, coordinated and focused security management support to reduce risks posed to personnel and assets

Recent News

 Please Note that the Consortium has developed its Strategy for 2014-2016.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the process... click here to view the Srategy


Guidelines and minimum standards on risk mitigation for ngos working in Somalia/Somaliland

Following many months of collective work on  Risk mitigation and accountability, the Risk Management Working Group have confirmed that the Guidelines for Risk Management Best Practice developed by the group be finalized and circulated for endorsement. Agencies are invited to please endorse guidelines, by sending us an email, formally ‘expressing their wish to sign on to/endorse the same’.

 Please note:

  • The guidelines are aspirational
  • The names of the agencies having endorsed these guidelines will be listed underneath the guidelines.
  • The guidelines, with the signatures, will be saved on the Consortium’s website (and any agency that has endorsed the guidelines might opt to also upload the guidelines on their website).
  • The membership and interested external partners will be continuously updated on the status of this document over the coming months.

Who, What, Where


Get up to date information about programmes running in Somalia by viewing our Who, What, Where map.

The interactive WWW map tracks operational presence in Somalia, and is meant to increase cooperation and coordination between the Consortium members and other organisations.

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