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The Somalia NGO Consortium promotes information sharing, cooperation and joint advocacy initiatives amongst local and international NGOs working in Somalia and Somaliland through the following activities:

Provides a forum for and actively supports members to promote dialogue, collaboration, learning experiences and information exchange

Regularly shares information collectively and advise NGOs bilaterally

Represents Consortium members to governments, UN agencies, donor groups, and multilateral organisations at local, national, and international level.

Facilitates and supports advocacy initiatives, including raising public awareness of programming in Somalia, on behalf of the membership

Ensures synergy of Consortium objectives and activities with the NGO Safety Programme (NSP), providing specialised, coordinated and focused security management support to reduce risks posed to personnel and assets

Recent News


 Somalia becomes the 194th state party to ratify the convention, setting a course to improve the lives of its youngest citizens

 (New York, 20 January 2015): The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, signed the convention on 20 January 2015 during a ceremony at a school in Mogadishu after the Somali Parliament voted to ratify it on 13 December by 140 votes with one abstention. Somalia signed the Convention in 2002.

The ratification means that Somali children now hold legally binding rights with the CRC providing a framework for the Government to promote and protect those rights. The Somali Government will have to bring its legislation, policy and practise in accordance with the standards in the CRC. The ratification provides the basis for the system building and capacity development of the Government.

UNICEF has applauded this as an important step for Somalia and looks forward to supporting the nationwide effort to translate the rights of the Convention into practical action for every child.

For more information on the ratification, contact:  Susannah Price, UNICEF Somalia, Mobile +254 722 719867; sprice@unicef.org

View Here the press release.

Who, What, Where


Get up to date information about programmes running in Somalia by viewing our Who, What, Where map.

The interactive WWW map tracks operational presence in Somalia, and is meant to increase cooperation and coordination between the Consortium members and other organisations.

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