How we work in Somalia

The Somalia NGO Consortium is a voluntary mechanism of NGOs for NGOs. Given the highly insecure environment, the complexity of the operating environment, and the large numbers of agencies working in Somalia, a coordinated voice is critical to successfully conduct development and humanitarian work in Somalia.

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Formed in 1999, we bring together local and international NGOs working in Somalia in order to

  • share information and analysis on key issues,
  • facilitate closer coordination and joint advocacy,
  • and improve representation with stakeholders including local authorities, the UN system and donors.

In 2011, Consortium member organisations consist of 86 Somali and international NGOs, though the reach of our services greatly extends beyond the immediate membership.

In 2004, the Consortium established the NGO Safety Programme (NSP, formerly SPAS), providing safety and security analysis and advice as well as training in safety and security issues. Upon request, the NSP also provides critical incident support such as coordinating evacuations, relocations and critical incident management for NGOs within Somalia.

The Consortium is represented and managed through a Nairobi-based Director and two elected voluntary Deputy Focal Points. The Director plays a key role in facilitating information sharing and coordination, identification of joint positions, and working with all stakeholders in support of joint approaches and solutions to pertinent Somali issues. The Director also represents members to governments, the UN system and the international community. The Director oversees the management of the NSP, ensuring maximum synergy with the Consortium, accountability and efficiency.

The Consortium Director and the NSP Programme Director are advised by an annually elected Steering Committee, and supported by a small team.