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The registration process will take approximately 20 minutes. Please have all necessary documents and information ready before you begin.

In order for us to maintain our credibility, we have to be strict on membership and ensure that everyone who becomes a member is doing what they say they are doing . Membership of the Somalia NGO Consortium requires that your agency is currently undertaking activities, direct operations and/or support to partner NGOs in Somalia.

At your convenience, you may print the online registration checklist to be sure you have all necessary materials before starting the registration process.

Required Documents

The following documents are required for submission. Each should be signed, scanned, and ready to upload before you begin the registration process. Only DOC, DOCX and PDF formats will be accepted.

  1. Copy of the agency's registration certificate
  2. Agency profile containing the following details of all country programmes for the past 1 - 2 years:
    1. Project Title
    2. Start date
    3. End date
    4. Sources of funds
    5. Target beneficiaries
    6. Main sector
    7. Sub sector
    8. Region
    9. District
  3. Copy of a recent audit report from an independent auditor detailing:
    1. Budget
    2. Expenditure
    3. Auditor's comments and/or recommendations
  4. NGO Consortium Mandate: Download, scan and sign the last page
  5. Red Crescent/ICRC Code of Conduct: Download, scan and sign the last page

Required Information

  1. Brief description of agency (Max 200 words)
  2. Mission statement (Max 200 words)
  3. Reasons for joining Somalia NGO Consortium (Max 200 words)
  4. Number and date of agency registration
  5. Headquarter, regional and local contact details
  6. Years operational in Somalia/Somaliland
  7. Partners in Somalia/Somaliland
  8. Number of (national and international) staff working on Somalia/Somaliland projects
  9. Programme/project plans for the coming year (Max 200 words)
  10. Main donors for the upcoming year
  11. Annual budget

I confirm that I have read and understood the requirements for registering with the Somalia NGO Consortium. I understand that all information submitted during the registration process will be held in confidence and can only be accessed by the NGO Consortium Secretariat.

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