Event location: Hargeisa

Runs: From 21st Nov 2016 to 23rd Nov 2016

Event time: 09:00 to 17:00

Event contact: comms@somaliangoconsortium.org

The Somalia NGO Consortium in partnership with Conflict Dynamics and with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is planning to organize an Access Negotiations Workshop.

Conflict Dynamics International (CDI) is a member of the Consortium and works to alleviate human suffering by changing the dynamics of conflict and humanitarian action. Its Humanitarian Access Initiative supports humanitarian practitioners and other influential actors toward improved humanitarian access in situations of armed conflict.

Switzerland supported the development of two resources for securing and sustaining humanitarian access in armed conflicts: a) the Practitioners Manual and b) the Handbook on the international normative framework. The two resources were developed together with Conflict Dynamics International (CDI), in close collaboration with UNOCHA and the ICRC. This initiative is part of Switzerland’s engagement for the respect and promotion of International humanitarian law. The resources are designed to support humanitarian practitioners in developing and implementing approaches to improve humanitarian access in a manner consistent with core humanitarian principles (humanity, neutrality, impartiality, independence). It looks at challenges and dilemmas practitioners are confronted with, in light of practical examples. The manuals were launched in Nairobi in September 2015 in the framework of the Humanitarian Partnership Conference, organized by the IAWG.

In early 2016, Switzerland decided to continue supporting the dissemination and uptake of the resources for an additional 12 months, with focus on front line practitioners and local actors. In this context and considering the major challenges related to humanitarian access in Somalia, discussions started between the Somalia NGO consortium (an SDC partner) and CDI around the organization of a training specifically targeting Somali humanitarian staff and Somali NGOs in Hargeisa.

The primary audience for the planned workshop is staff from national NGOs and national staff from international NGOs providing humanitarian assistance in Somalia. Secondarily, the workshop targets international staff intimately involved in gaining, sustaining and/or negotiating humanitarian access in Somalia. Staff should be senior within their organizations and/or directly involved in gaining or sustaining humanitarian access and conducting negotiations for access in Somalia.

The main objective of the workshop is to better equip representatives of humanitarian organizations in Somalia to understand and overcome humanitarian access challenges, and improve their negotiations skills, in a manner consistent with the core humanitarian principles.

The planned workshop would take place over 3 consecutive days in Hargeisa.

The workshop will be FREE.

The Country Director must express an interest by sending an e-mail to comms@somaliangoconsortium.org with the name and contact details of the staff member who will participate in the training. We encourage agencies to nominate only 1 candidate to allow a wider representation of NGOs. The Somalia NGO Consortium and CDI will prioritise candidates based on the target audience agreed for the training.