Event location: UNOCHA Conference room, Block X, Gigiri.

Date: 16th Feb 2017

Event time: 02:30 to 04:30

Event contact: Tapiwa Gomo at gomo@un.org and copy in Naitore Kariuki at advocacy@somaliangoconsortium.org

As we are all aware there is a HCG group that comprises of NGO communication counterparts and UN Agencies. The group aims to strengthen information sharing on the humanitarian situation in Somalia to ensure a common understanding of operational activities and challenges for humanitarian actors, donors and others. (Access HCG TORs from here)

The tentative agenda for the meeting is;
1. Somalia drought messaging.
2. Engagement of HCT and HCG
3. Review of HCT communications and resource mobilization strategy (access document from here)
4. Review of strategy matrix - Plan of action 2017 (access document from here)
5. AOB

Part of the issues to be discussed are the review of HCT communications strategy and the review of communications and resource mobilization strategy matrix . We are hereby requesting that you review the documents in preparation for the meeting and send your comments/ suggestions to Tapiwa Gomo at gomo@un.org and copy in Naitore Kariuki at advocacy@somaliangoconsortium.org.

It would be noteworthy to mention that the meeting will be attended by HCT representatives from OCHA and UNICEF.

Owing to the security procedures at the UN Complex, please note to send your confirmations/names to Kenneth Odiwour at odiwuor@un.org by Tuesday 14th February 2017 by 4.00pm

We appreciate your involvement and feedback on the working group and look forward forward to fruitful deliberations in in the meeting.