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AdvocacyAdvocacy related documents including; advocacy statements, letters, key messages, press statements etc187Unlocked
AssessmentsDiverse assessments carried out by agencies and partners in the various regions in Somalia.1Locked
ReportsReports produced by the Somalia NGO Consortium2Unlocked
General InformationReports, Studies, Conventions, Laws and General Informative documents on Somalia226Unlocked
Meeting MinutesView protocols of various meetings from Consortium monthly meetings to internal briefs443Unlocked
Consortium Information ProductGeneral information including advocacy strategy, timelines, updates and reports.21Locked
Working Group: PeacebuildingDocuments, Presentations, Reports relating to peacebuilding, conflict sensitivity, security assessment, community safety etc from different stakeholders5Unlocked
Consortium Courses/TrainingConsortium Training Resources:Introduction to Working in Somalia43Unlocked
Mogadishu /South & S.Central RDocuments relating to issues/other in Mogadishu and south central80Locked
The New Deal for engagement in fragile states was agreed at the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan. A number of countries and IOs including Somalia have endorsed the agreement.14Unlocked
Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF)Information relating to the CHF10Unlocked
CoordinationBodies/ Structures and Documents relating to coordination in Somalia29Unlocked
HCTHumanitarian Country Team71Locked
Consortium Documents (InternalReports compiled or commissioned by or on behalf of the consortium43Unlocked
Refugees / Returns / IDPs relatedDocumentation relating to Somali refugees, returnees and IDPs2Locked
Puntland RegionDocuments & other relating to the Puntland Region and administration100Locked
Somaliland RegionLegislation and other key documents relating to Somaliland region62Locked
Funding Related DocumentsInformation provided by donors including calls for proposals6Locked
Resilience Working Group MeetingResilience Working Group Meeting23Unlocked