Bringing Somalia to the Forefront

The Somalia NGO Consortium facilitates joint approaches and advocacy and influences policy change, increasing local, regional and international awareness of Somali humanitarian and development issues.

The Somalia NGO Consortium influences positive policy change in areas of shared concerns raised by member organisations. The Consortium coordinates and facilitates members' advocacy initiatives through the following process:

Identifying concerns
  • Canvassing for input and consensus from members
  • Creating advocacy task forces
  • Drafting position papers/statements
  • Presenting to members for ratification
  • Delivering key positions/concerns to stakeholders/target groups
  • Lobbying to collectively addressing concerns raised and achieving solutions
Estimated Results
  • Urgent and important joint actions are coordinated, and NGO key messages and advocacy positions are identified, facilitated and shared with stakeholders.
  • Increased public awareness of NGO programming and key humanitarian and developmental issues in Somalia.
  • Links to international agencies and bodies for support of national advocacy initiatives and improved international awareness of main Somali NGO concerns.
Main Activities
  • Establishing and maintaining close links to other external actors whose actions impact upon Consortium members' work in Somalia.
  • Coordination and facilitation of public briefings and media events to increase public understanding of NGO programming and major humanitarian and developmental concerns in Somalia.
  • Coordination and facilitation of advocacy initiatives through an established process involving all Consortium member organisations.
  • Identification and development of positions and updates relevant to NGO activities in Somalia.