Information Sharing and Coordination

A core objective of the Somalia NGO Consortium is the proactive sharing of information to facilitate an informed and networked NGO community able to implement the best possible work in Somalia.

Estimated Results

The Somalia NGO Consortium provides a valuable coordination and communication mechanism for local and international NGOs working in Somalia, as well as for various external stakeholders including donors, UN agencies and governments.

Information is regularly and appropriately shared between member organisations. Papers, positions and all updates pertaining to NGO activities and concerns in Somalia are shared widely with NGOs and with other actors where appropriate.

Main Activities

  • Provision of an effective platform for high quality information exchange leading to actionable output
  • Coordination and facilitation of effective communication between regional Consortium representations
  • Maintaining of quality outputs and, as such, the strong reputation of the Consortium to serve the needs and requirements of its members at all times
  • Facilitation of sharing of information between member organisations and other actors where appropriate
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