Additional Services

The Somalia NGO Consortium offers a number of practical and administrative services to member organisation to support NGO projects and operations in Somalia and Somaliland.

In addition to our core services, we offer a number of practical and administrative services to support and benefit Consortium member organisations.

Research & Analysis
Research conducted in areas of interest expressed by members - targets are detailed in the annual work plan.
Regular inductions on the Consortium are organised for new members and/or new staff of member organisations. These cover:
  • The role, purpose and added value of the Consortium;
  • Activities and services of the Consortium and how they address areas of joint concern;
  • Consortium structure (governance, management, transparency and accountability);
  • Basic introduction to essential information on Somali regions for newly registered NGOs;
  • Somalia coordination structure.
International Staff List
Mapping and updating the locations of international staff of member organisations throughout all regions of Somalia to support critical incident management (CONFIDENTIAL).
Interactive Operational Map
An interactive map tracks members' operational presence in Somalia, illustrating who is doing what where.
Interactive Network Calendar
The interactive calendar informs members of key meetings and working groups relevant to NGOs working in Somalia.
Job Vacancies
Our website lists internal and external job vacancies posted by members and nonmembers alike.
Consultant Database
The Consortium keeps a consultant database for members to contribute to and draw on for expert advice and project support.
Bulletin Board
Our website hosts a regularly updated bulletin board notifying members of key developments and issues relevant to NGOs operating in Somalia
Feature Stories
The feature story section on our website offers member organisations increased visibility and the opportunity to share their stories documenting NGO projects in Somalia.