The Resilience working group was established following discussions and momentum to increase cooperation, information sharing and concrete common activities in this area while learning from members' programme experience.

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20150210 Resilience WG Meeting Notes

20141007 Resilience WG Meeting Notes

20140807 Resilience WG Meeting Notes

20140428 Resilience WG Meeting Notes

20140220 Resilience WG Meeting Notes

20140123 Resilience WG Action Points 23012014

20131114 Resilience WG Meeting Notes

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20130918 Resilience WG Meeting Notes

Managing Famine Risk: Linking Early Warning to Early Action_Rob Bailey (Chatham House)

Famine Early Warning and Early Action: The cost of delay_Rob Bailey (Chatham House)

Designing Social Protection Frameworks for Somalia: Findings and Ways Forward in SCS

What is SP - Presentation Mogadishu

What Really Matters for Resilience:

Exploratory evidence on the Determinants of Resilience to Food Security Shocks in Southern Somalia, October 2013 (MercyCorps/ TANGO International)

SomRep (Somalia Resilience Program) presentation to RWG 

Enhancing resilience of households & communities in Somalia (SomRep Agencies - ACF, ADRA, CARE, COOPI, DRC, OXFAM, World Vision)

Building Resilient Communities in Somalia (BRCiS) Presentation on Measuring Resilience (23012014) 

Presentation on measuring Resilience

Community Based Resilience Analysis (COBRA - UNDP)

Change in the Arid Lands Report - Save the Children IFRC Oxfam (20130228)

FSNWG Engage with Change 2013

FSNWG Surge Model Two Pager 20131126

Working Differently Workshop Summary 20131017

Tearfund: Presentation on resilience Learning 022014

Evaluation of Community Resilience in Teso, Uganda

Tearfund: Report from the mid term review of Sahel appeal 06012014

Community Resilience: Conceptual Framework & Measurement Feed the Future Learning Agenda

UN SomRep Coordination Guidelines for Somalia Resilience Programmes

SomRep TARGETED Districts 112013

Somrep Baseline Assessment (Final Report, 022014)

Baseline Analysis for Impact Evaluation of FAO-UNICEF-WFP Resilience Strategy

CONCERN: A description of Concern Kenya’s surge model for community-based management of acute malnutrition.

CONCERN: Working differently for more effective crisis mitigation and response

BRCiS Building Resilient Communities in Somalia - Presentations 5th March 2015

Introduction to BRCiS Presentation_032015

Community Process-Planning_HPN Prsntn SLevine

Baseline Report Overview of Key Findings Presentation_032015 NCozza

BRCiS Community Baseline Summary_032015

BRCiS Panel Discussion Summary Extracts 0320154

 Matrix: 201409 Resilience measurment matrix updated

 Matrix: 201403 Measuring Resilience Matrix