Kush Research and Consultancy Ltd (KRC)

"Kush Research and Consultancy Ltd (KRC) is a regional Research and Consultancy Company established by individuals who have extensive experience on the East Africa region and beyond. The founders of Kush Research and Consultancy Ltd and the pool of the consultants currently working with them have together in-depth knowledge, experience and strong understanding of the multiple issues that are relevant to the humanitarian sector in the East African region, particularly Somali peninsula. Kush’s core areas of expertise include, but not limited to, Monitoring and Evaluation, Social Protection/Safety net, Livelihood analysis, Capacity buildings and Media production. Through sound and independent, cross-cultural, rigorous research and consultancy services, KCR aims to support both state institutions and non-state actors in the region at all levels in their work to make sound decisions on how best they could rebuild public institutions and help the needy people respectively. KRC mainly provides Research, Training and consultancy and it strives to maintain a high degree of accuracy in research findings, guidance, advice and suggestions relating to the East African region so that we can maintain lasting relationships with our clients. For more details, visit KRC website, www.kushconsultancy.org

Galilee International Management Institute

The mission of the Galilee International Management Institute is to bridge the gap between transitional and developed nations through education and capacity building programmes. We believe that in this era of globalisation, the power of education and the

Capacity Somalia Institute (research.train.consult.believe)

The Capacity Somalia Institute is a capacity building, management consulting, and research think-tank based in Garowe, Puntland with operational offices in Mogadishu, Somalia; Hargeisa, Somali-land and Nairobi, Kenya. The Institute works closely with the stakeholders in Somalia’s quest for stability and progressive solutions from government agencies, local and international NGOs, educational institutions, and private sector. For more information visit their website www.capacitysomalia.com