International Centre for Pariamentary Studies (ICPS)

The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies exists to promote effective policy making and good governance through better interaction between Parliaments, Governments and other stakeholders in society.

The Centre's primary focus is the empowerment of human capital through capacity building. To this effect, the Centre organises a range of training programmes covering subjects such as: policy development; governance; conflict resolution;
anti-corruption; social development; leadership and management; electoral affairs; strategic health, education, transport, water, utilities planning.

The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP)

The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) originated from the will to gather lessons learnt from the emergency response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2005. Today, CaLP is composed of five steering commitee organisations: Oxfam GB, the British Red Cross, Save the Children, the Norwegian Refugee Council and Action Against Hunger / ACF International. These five organisations came together to support capacity building, research and information-sharing as a way to promote cash transfer programming as an effective tool to deliver aid in times of crisis.

In 2010, the CaLP partnered with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies (IFRC) to develop and implement new activities for 2011 with support from ECHO.

Vision Statement
"Humanitarian preparedness and response is more effective at meeting the diverse needs of affected people and promoting recovery."
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The Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP) was established in 1997, following the multi-agency evaluation of the Rwanda genocide. ALNAP is a system-wide organisation dedicated to improving the accountability and performance of humanitarian action by strengthening the humanitarian evidence base through sharing lessons, researching key issues and, where appropriate, providing leadership to find collective approaches and solutions...

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